Who doesn’t love celebrating holiday’s in the classroom? I might be in the minority here, but I don’t really enjoy celebrating holiday’s in school. I have nothing against incorporating holiday’s into the day but I worry (excessively) about losing valuable instructional time.

Each year in my classroom I can expect to have 50%-70% of students who are below grade level. I want so badly for all my students to have a successful future and a life that they love. So it’s hard idea for me to think of spending time on a class party or just doing “fun” things around a holiday knowing my kids need support where they need to go.

In order to bring the holiday into the classroom but not still not lose precious educational time I have created these fun and rigorous math activities tied to some major holidays.

In these activities students will look an advertisement and answer multi-step real world type problems. Each holiday set includes 3 versions: multiplication & division, fractions and decimals. This way even if you haven’t taught a skill yet, there will be another skill you likely have taught and could use. You could also allow the students to choose the skill they want to practice. These resources also come in printable AND digital versions!

To save teachers time and money there is also a bundle set for only $10!

I know I shouldn’t worry as much as I do, but am I the only one who worries about losing instructional time? How do you incorporate related instruction around holidays?

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