I love incorporating Halloween into the classroom. Many of my students don’t do a lot of extra things to celebrate Halloween at home; so for many this is there only chance to do something fun for the holiday. That being said, I’m always wishing I had more time to teach content so I feel it’s important to not lose any (or very little) instructional time. Below you will find several math activities that I have used in my classroom over the years to bring the excitement of Halloween into the classroom while still practicing critical math skills!

This Halloween themed project will be sure to get your excited by testing their critical thinking skills! Students pretend they planning a Halloween party for their classmates. They choose a location, purchase decorations, food, create a floorpan, order party favors, create games and an invitation, hire a cleaning crew and calculate the total cost. While doing all this they practice coordinate grids, order of operations, numerical expression, multiplication, division, estimating, area, measurement and budgeting.

This next assignment is one I made a really long time ago but it’s been a hit every time I use it. Students will look at a candy advertisement and answer some rigorous math questions. One of the things I always found challenging about finding holiday themed resources on TpT was finding something that I liked AND my students knew that skill. So when I made this Halloween activity I included multiple versions (multiplication/division, fractions & decimals). No matter where I am in the curriculum pacing I can pull this out and use it with my students! This resource is available in Spanish too!

My latest Halloween activity (and one I personally can’t wait to use in my own classroom) is the Halloween Snack & Math activity. Students will make a Halloween treat in the classroom (don’t worry…ingredients are peanut free and inexpensive) and then answer math questions to go along with them while they snack on their “Werewolf Chow”. Like the last activity, this one also includes multiple versions to make sure I can always use it. It includes operations with like fractions, unlike fractions and decimals.

Finally, these Halloween themed word problems let students get creative with their word problems while still practicing important skills like multiplication, division, fractions and decimals.

I’m always looking for new ideas to use in my own classroom. How have you incorporated Halloween into the school day?

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