A Covid School Year

It’s July 2020 as I write this, and every teacher in North Carolina is waiting on pins and needles about what the upcoming school year will look like. As we speak there is a lot of social media “talk” about “Plan B” being the preferred option. Plan B, being a third of students come to school 1 week and then have 2 weeks of virtual learning.

This may or may not be the best option for our students, but as a teacher (and mother) it makes me very nervous. As a mom I’m trying to figure out where my children will be when they are doing virtual learning for 2 weeks when i am in the classroom teaching still. Sending them to day care seems counterintuitive to what North Carolina is trying to accomplish. I’m also trying to figure out as a teacher how on earth am I going to teach my students in the classroom while still supporting my students who are at home needing help.

In March 2020, I really started to push digital products and all new products made were digital only. Now that it may be very possible that I will have some students in the classroom while some students are at home I am taking my printable resources and adding digital versions to it. I’m hoping that this prove to be useful for the upcoming school year. If we have some students in the classroom and some at home it will ease my mind if all of my students are doing the same activities (just differentiated based on printable and digital).

I have many “Basic Bundles” in my store that are geared towards 5th grade math. A “Basic Bundle” always includes a foldable for an interactive notebook, 1 week of homework, 20 task cards, 4 worksheets and 1 assessment. I have recently updated my 2D Shapes bundle to include digital versions as well as printable.

If we end up following “Plan B” here is how imagine we could use the resources below for the upcoming school year.

Have students glue these 2D shapes foldables into their interactive notebook during the week they are with you.

Here are 4 worksheets for 2D shapes. These worksheets can be printed or can be completed in Google Slides.

These task cards can be printed & laminated like we normally would use them or they can be completed in Google Forms!

Send homework home on 1 sheet of paper for the whole week or give students access to the 4 google forms (1 for each night of the week).

You can still assess your students knowledge of 2D shapes with this printable assessment or Google Form Quiz version.

If you feel like you could use them all , purchase the bundle instead to save some money. The bundle will only cost you $5!

I plan to update all my printable resources this summer to include digital versions as well. If you have already purchased these resources then you will receive the updates free (just make sure to re-download them). If you are wanting to make a purchase you can head to my store and click on the category that says ***Distance Learning*** to find all products that can be completed in a virtual learning environment.

Next week we may find out that we are teaching completely online or completely in person and then teachers may not need for both printable and digital versions of the same resources; but I hope no matter what happens teachers find these resources helpful.

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